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Δείτε ένα Computer room υψηλής τεχνολογίας μέσα σε Πλοίο!

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Welcome to the world of on-ship IT, a discipline with its own rules, requirements, and techniques. This isn’t like setting up your LAN party because your LAN party doesn’t have to survive 10-foot waves and massive data downloads as passengers stream, Tweet, and Facebook all day and night.

We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Quantum Of The Seas just as it was going into service. The ship has 600 Mbps connectivity and specially laid-out Wi-Fi access points that take into consideration its unique structure. In short, the Wi-Fi is fast and it’s everywhere.

The real goal here is to offer cheaper Wi-Fi on board and constant connectivity for always-on passengers – namely the kids of older passengers. While Mom and Mom enjoy a fine tipple on the fo’c’s’le, kids can keep texting. It’s a sad compromise but one necessary to keep nervous gadget lovers happy on vacation.

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